Pink diamonds are unique, strong and brilliant. This is what defines Daniella Cobb and her company Pink Diamond Management.

Pink Diamond Management did not have the normal beginnings. The founder, Daniella Cobb did not start within the industry the normal way. She didn’t have a friend of a friend who put her on. Or she didn’t do an internship with X Company and work her way up the ladder. She had a corporate job where she managed the benefit department for multi-million dollar revenue generating retail store. While working at her 9 to 5, she also freelanced with a popular urban magazine within their events department. In freelancing Daniella realized how much power you can have by just standing at the right side of the rope of a dope party. After leaving the corporate world, she decided that she could run her own company just as well as the CEO of Barneys New York. She used her contacts that she gained while freelancing to strike out on her own. Thus, Pink Diamond Management was born.

Growing up in a household where her mother danced with the likes of Martha Graham and her grandmother was the Puerto Rican that kept moving into your Jewish neighborhood buying your home. Daniella learned that being creative is fulfilling but marrying it with a business savvy and intelligence is profitable. Pink Diamond Management has been able to fuse the worlds of fashion, entertainment and music. Pink Diamond Management has become the company you go to make your talent into a “star”.